funeralsAt Christ Church we celebrate and give thanks for the significant events in life. Our own death or the death of a loved one is a time of sadness and also transition. Every funeral acknowledges a loss, but is also a celebration for the gift of life. When a death occurs the clergy will meet with family members to plan a funeral or celebration of life that is meaningful; that recognizes a loss and the sadness that brings but also gives thanks for the love and gifts our loved ones bring into our lives. This happens in the context of our faith in God to be faithful to us in death.

Communion is the way that we recognize the essential unity of all things. It is a way of affirming our belief that although we are separated from those we love with death that love holds everything together. This is the love that Jesus shared with his disciples on the last night of his life and that same love is shared with family and friends as we give thanks for the lives of those who go before us. It is most appropriate though not essential to celebrate communion or the Holy Eucharist at the funeral service of a loved one.

Donations are most gratefully accepted for the use of the church. In addition to the clergy you may require an organist and the services of our parish administrator to prepare a leaflet. There is a sound system that is also available for use. There is often a reception after the formal part of the funeral service and church members are available to provide a lunch on a fee per person basis.

Fee Schedule
Organist $150.00
Caretaker $50.00
Crucifer $50.00
Clergy $300.00