Wedding Ceremony

weddingThe following paragraph is an excerpt of (‘THIS HOLY ESTATE’ The Report of the Commission on the Marriage Canon of the Anglican Church of Canada dated September 2015).

“The Anglican Church of Canada affirms, according to our Lord’s teaching as found in Holy Scripture, that marriage is a lifelong union in faithful love, and that marriage vows are a commitment to this union, for better or for worse, to the exclusion of all on either side. This union is established by God’s grace when two duly qualified persons enter into a covenant of marriage in which they declare their intention of fulfilling its purposes and exchange vows to be faithful to one another until they are separated by death. The purposes of marriage are mutual fellowship, support, and comfort, and the procreation (if it may be) and nurture of children, and the creation of a relationship in which sexuality may serve personal fulfillment in a community of faithful love. This covenant is made in the sight of God and in the presence of witnesses and of an authorized minister.”

If you are interested in being married in our beautiful Church, or wish to have your reception here, please contact the office 519-538-1330 or email for an application/detailed information package. If you wish to speak to Reverend Cathy Miller regarding your plans, please email