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We are located at 34 Boucher Street East, Meaford and we worship on Sundays at 8:30 a.m. (Early Bird service) and 10:30 a.m. (Holy Eucharist service). For more information call 519-538-1330. We look forward to meeting you and your families. All are welcome!

  • May 10-20 2018

    Pledge to Pray offers us an opportunity to pray for our local community. We invite you to pray and to share this with 5 friends as you feel comfortable

    We identified 10 important causes to pray for over the 10 days between Ascension Day and Pentecost.

    1. Chapman House -hospice We hold up the good work of caring for those who are dying, praying for understanding and compassionate care givers.
    2. Hospital and Medical Staff We give thanks for those who serve the community by caring for those who are ill and for all the interventions that bring health and well being to members of our community
    3. Meaford Nursing Home We pray for all those who live and work in the Meaford Long Term Care facility that an environment of support and love be created that everyone there will find fulness of life.
    4. New Parents and their children. We pray especially for new parents that babies and children will be nurtured in environments that support the development of their unique gifts and talents.
    5. Teachers and students. We remember teachers and students as they prepare for final exams and evaluations, for mutual respect and interest in the well being and growth of students as they embrace the lives they have been offered
    6. Labyrinth We pray that everyone has an opportunity to cultivate a spiritual life for their overall well being and health
    7. Community Dinners We give thanks for everyone who participates in the community dinners, for the eaters and servers, for the cooks and cleaners. We also give thanks for the hard work that goes into providing the food we eat and the animals that give their lives.
    8. Town Council. We pray for our town council and give thanks for the dedication and commitment to community life that forms the basis of all that is good in our community.
    9. The New Library We give thanks for knowledge that is gained to build up and enrich our community life.
    10. Day away Program. We give thanks for all those who provide program and relief for people who need special care and attention