What do Anglican Christians believe?

The Anglican Church of Canada does not define its doctrine in a single confessional statement. Our beliefs are articulated in our liturgies (i.e. what we pray is what we believe). However, there are some statements that provide further articulation of our beliefs:

  • The Anglican tradition affirms the three historic creeds of the Christian Church, as statements of belief about God and the Church: the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed.
  • When we consider what defines an Anglican, The Lambeth Quadrilateral (1888) has provided a basis for Anglican identity.
  • The Five Marks of Mission, used widely throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion, provide a framework for what God's mission in the Church involves.
Christ Church's Mission

Christ Church lives in a generous and loving spirit in all its relationships.

Our Values

Through God,

  • We are passionate about sharing our love of God with all.
  • Through joyful, inspiring worship we praise God while we learn and are formed as disciples.
  • We lovingly care for all of God’s creation through our building and ministries.
  • Our care for others is a reflection of God’s care for us.

With Jesus Christ,

  • And through prayer and intentional support, we mentor each other and newcomers in the life of Christ.
  • We are a safe place for the greater community to gather.
  • We joyfully share with the church our Time, Talents and Treasures.
  • We create disciples so that together we may pour out Christ’s love to a world that desperately needs healing.

By the power of the Holy Spirit,

  • We commit to caring for the spiritual needs of our church.
  • We will serve the needs of our wider community.
  • We are a welcoming and inclusive community to all.
  • We are a place of healing and love where all come to know the restorative power of God.
  • We actively listen and discern the will of Holy Spirit for us as a community, and respond enthusiastically.